Hot Rolled Steel Sheet for Hot Stamping/Pressing

Hardenable hot rolled steel sheets for the automotive industry. HotStamp-Steel sheets are optimized for parts and components that are manufactured by both direct and indirect hot stamping. Applications include safety parts such as bumper systems, door impact beams, and B-pillar reinforcements.

Hot stamping process includes heating blanks to austenizing temperature, stamping the blanks and cooling the stampings by forced air or water, and finally tempering them at low temperature to reduce residual stresses. To avoid distortion, stamping/pressing in die followed by water cooling is recommended.

Table below shows mechanical properties of the hot rolled HotStamp-Steel sheet of 0.06” (1.50 mm) in the rolling direction.

HotStamp final image.PNG

Figure below shows tensile diagrams of the HotStamp-Steel sheet of 0.06”/1.50 mm thickness after quenching and low tempering.

HotStamp Graph 2.PNG

HotStamp-Steel sheets are weldable with conventional processes by adapting the parameters. Given the increase of the carbon equivalent, it is necessary to increase welding force and adapt welding cycles to get good quality of spotweld.



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