New Steel Exhibits Superior to Eglin Steel

The well-known Eglin steel (“ES-1”) is utilized for manufacturing cases for penetrators. New developed steel (“M-steel”) exhibits superior strength to ES-1 at the same level of ductility and toughness. Furthermore, concentrations of expensive elements and the cost of raw materials of M-Steel are significantly lower than Eglin steel, while the cost of melting, hot forging, and heat treatment are comparable. Table shows a comparison of the quasi-static tensile test results at r.t. and Charpy v-notch test results at r.t. and -40°F of the air-melted quenched and tempered M-steel and ES-1.

M-Steel Graph 1.PNG

M-Steel is superior to the ES-1 due to: higher strength as shown by the YS and UTS values, and the same ductility and toughness as shown by El, RA, and CVN values.

M-Steel has a reduction in raw material cost of 50% or more compared to the ES-1 while cost of manufacturing, including melting, forging, machining and heat treatment of the cases from the M-steel and the ES-1 is similar.

M-Steel possesses better formability at hot forging and better machinability at rough machining of cases.

M-Steel can be successfully utilized as a material for the case of bunker buster bombs.


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