Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Advanced Materials Development Corp. (AMD Corp.) is a privately owned company that strives to be at the forefront in developing new high strength steels and alloys with a focus on automotive, airspace, and defense applications. Recognizing the need for the development of high and super-high strength materials AMD Corp. is offering its clients development and implementation of:  

  • Vehicle manufacturers are faced with a difficult task of significantly improving fuel economy and safety while maintaining competitive position in the market. This can be accomplished, among other things, by utilizing higher strength steel for car and truck. Newly developed high strength steel for car power-train and transmission components can help accomplish just that (GEAR-Steel

  • New cobalt-free, quenched and tempered high strength corrosion resistant steel for aircraft landing gear components provides the same strength, ductility, and toughness as the 300M steel and while it possesses corrosion resistance in salt spray test (HSCR Steel)

  • New developed steel exhibits superior strength to Eglin steel at the same level of ductility and toughness.  The new steel can be successfully utilized as a material for the case of bunker buster bombs (Military-Steel)

  • New hot rolled steel sheet for cold stamping is ideal for car body structural and safety components such as pillars, roof frame, rocker, tunnel, and other (ColdStamp-Steel

  • Hardenable hot rolled steel sheets for the automotive industry are optimized for parts and components that are manufactured by both direct and indirect hot stamping (HotStamp-Steel

We are excited by the potential of our offerings, and invite firms interested in the aforementioned products to join us in their implementation.